CVD 0.8
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CVD::ImageError::AccessOutsideImageAn attempt was made to access a pixel outside the image
CVD::Exceptions::Convolution::AllBase class for all Image_IO exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::AllBase class for all CVD exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::Image::AllBase class for all Image_IO exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::DVBuffer3::AllClass for all DVBuffer3 exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::V4L1Buffer::AllBase class for all V4L1 exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::V4L2Buffer::AllBase class for all V4L2 exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::GLWindow::AllBase class for all CVD::GLWindow exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::DeinterlaceBuffer::AllBase class for all DeinterlaceBuffer exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::DiskBuffer2::AllBase class for all DiskBuffer2 exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::TimedDiskBuffer::AllBase class for all DiskBuffer2 exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::VideoBuffer::AllBase class for all VideoBuffer exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::VideoDisplay::AllBase class for all CVD::VideoDisplay exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::VideoFileBuffer::AllBase class for all VideoFileBuffer exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::Draw::AllBase class for all Image_IO exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::Vision::AllBase class for all Image_IO exceptions
CVD::Exceptions::DVBuffer::AllBase class for all V4L2 exceptions
Camera::ArcTanA Camera for lenses which attempt to maintain a constant view angle per pixel
CVD::Argb< T >A colour consisting of red, green, blue and alpha components
CVD::Exceptions::DVBuffer::BadCameraSelectionBad camera selection
CVD::Exceptions::VideoBuffer::BadColourSpaceThe videobuffer was unable to successfully initialize grabbing in the specified colourspace
CVD::Exceptions::VideoFileBuffer::BadDecodeUnable to decode the video frame
CVD::Exceptions::DiskBuffer2::BadFileAn error occurred trying to open a file
CVD::Exceptions::VideoFileBuffer::BadFrameAllocUnable to open allocate a video frame
CVD::Exceptions::DiskBuffer2::BadImageAn error occurred trying to read a file as an image
CVD::Exceptions::DiskBuffer2::BadImageSizeThe file loaded was a different size from the first frame
CVD::Exceptions::VideoBuffer::BadPutFrameThe VideoBuffer was unable to successfully complete a VideoBuffer::put_frame() operation
CVD::Exceptions::DiskBuffer2::BadSeekSeek_to() was called for an invalid timestamp
CVD::Exceptions::VideoFileBuffer::BadSeekSeek_to() was called for an invalid timestamp
CVD::Exceptions::BadSubscriptException if subscript for [] is not 0 or 1
CVD::Morphology::BasicBinary< T >Class for performing binary morphology
CVD::Morphology::BasicGray< T, Cmp >A helper class for performing basic grayscale morphology on an image
CVD::Morphology::BasicGrayByteA helper class for performing basic grayscale morphology on an image of bytes
CVD::BasicImage< T >A generic image class to manage a block of data as an image
CVD::bayer_bggrBayer datatype representing the colour filter pattern BGGR
CVD::bayer_bggr1616 bit Bayer datatype representing the colour filter pattern BGGR
CVD::bayer_bggr16be16 bit big endian Bayer datatype representing the colour filter pattern BGGR
CVD::bayer_gbrgBayer datatype representing the colour filter pattern GBRG
CVD::bayer_gbrg1616bit Bayer datatype representing the colour filter pattern GBRG
CVD::bayer_gbrg16be16bit big endian Bayer datatype representing the colour filter pattern GBRG
CVD::bayer_grbgBayer datatype representing the colour filter pattern GRBG
CVD::bayer_grbg1616bit Bayer datatype representing the colour filter pattern GRBG
CVD::bayer_grbg16be16bit big endian Bayer datatype representing the colour filter pattern GRBG
CVD::bayer_rggbBayer datatype representing the colour filter pattern RGGB
CVD::bayer_rggb1616bit Bayer datatype representing the colour filter pattern RGGB
CVD::bayer_rggb16be16bit big endian Bayer datatype representing the colour filter pattern RGGB
CVD::Bgrx< T >A colour consisting of red, green, blue and dummy components, in the order bgr dummy in memory
CVD::Interpolate::BicubicThis class is for bicubic (not bicubic spline) interpolation
CVD::Interpolate::BilinearThis class is for bilinear interpolation
CVD::Morphology::BinaryDilate< T >Class for performing binary dilation
CVD::Morphology::BinaryErode< T >Class for performing binary erosion
CVD::Morphology::BinaryMedian< T >Class for performing binary median filtering
CVD::BlurAppearanceBlur appearance model that assumes that the input image was subject to blur
CVD::BrezenhamClass to implement the Bresenham line-drawing algorithm
CVD::Brezenham8Class to implement the Bresenham line-drawing algorithm
CVD::Exceptions::DVBuffer::BusResetBus reset needed
CVD::CameraRotationSpecial implementation for 2D homography-based transformations described as a camera rotating around its centre
CVD::Internal::CanDeinterlace< T >
CVD::Internal::CanDeinterlace< Rgb< T > >
CVD::CastCopy< T, S >
CVD::CastCopy< T, T >
CVD::color< T, N >Traits type defining colors for pixel types
CVD::color< T, 1 >Traits type defining colors for pixel types
CVD::color< T, 3 >Traits type defining colors for pixel types
CVD::ColourspaceBuffer< T, From >A decorator class which wraps a VideoBuffer to perfrom colourspace conversion on the incoming data
CVD::ColourspaceBuffer_managed< T, From >This is just like ColourspaceBuffer, except it deleted the videobuffer on destruction
CVD::ColourspaceFrame< T >A frame from a ColourspaceBuffer. Can be treated as a VideoFrame
CVD::ConstSubImageIterator< T >
CVD::ConvertImage< From, To, Conv, both_pod >
CVD::ConvertImage< Rgb< byte >, byte, Pixel::CIE< Rgb< byte >, byte >, 1 >
CVD::ConvertImage< T, T, Pixel::GenericConversion< T, T >, 1 >
CVD::ConvolveMiddle< T, N, C >
CVD::ConvolveMiddle< T, 0, 1 >
CVD::ConvolveMiddle< T, N, 1 >
CVD::ConvolveMiddle< T,-1, 1 >
CVD::ConvolveMiddle< T,-1, C >
CVD::Exceptions::GLWindow::CreationErrorAn exception occurred during initialisation
Camera::CubicA camera with zero skew and cubic distortion
CVD::cvd_timerProvides the time elapsed in seconds
CVD::Exceptions::DVBuffer::DC1394SetupError with DC1394 setup
CVD::DeinterlaceBuffer< T >
CVD::DeinterlaceBufferFieldsA decorator class which wraps a VideoBuffer to return fields instead of the original frames (see also DeinterlaceFrame)
CVD::DeinterlaceFrame< T >A frame from a DeinterlaceBuffer, representing one field from an interlaced frame
CVD::Exceptions::DVBuffer::DeviceOpenError opening the device
CVD::Exceptions::V4L1Buffer::DeviceOpenError opening the device
CVD::Exceptions::V4L2Buffer::DeviceOpenError opening the device
CVD::Exceptions::V4LBuffer::DeviceOpenError opening the device
CVD::Exceptions::V4LControl::DeviceOpenError opening the device
CVD::Exceptions::DVBuffer::DeviceSetupError doing some later setup action
CVD::Exceptions::V4L1Buffer::DeviceSetupError setting up the device
CVD::Exceptions::V4L2Buffer::DeviceSetupError setting up the device
CVD::Exceptions::V4LBuffer::DeviceSetupError setting up the device
CVD::Morphology::Dilate< T >Class for performing greyscale dilation
CVD::Morphology::Dilate< byte >Class for performing greyscale dilation of bytes
CVD::DiskBuffer2< T >Play a series of image files as a video stream
CVD::DiskBuffer2Frame< T >A frame from a DiskBuffer2
CVD::DVBuffer2< T >A video buffer from a Firewire (IEEE 1394) camera
CVD::DVBuffer3< pixel_T >A video buffer from a Firewire (IEEE 1394) camera
CVD::DVFrameA frame from a Firewire (IEEE 1394) camera via DVBuffer2
CVD::Exceptions::DiskBuffer2::EndOfBufferGet_frame() was called when at the end of the buffer
CVD::Exceptions::VideoFileBuffer::EndOfFileGet_frame() was called when at the end of the buffer
CVD::Morphology::Erode< T >Class for performing greyscale erosion
CVD::Morphology::Erode< byte >Class for performing greyscale erosion of bytes
CVD::ESMEstimator< TRANSFORM, APPEARANCE, IMAGE, GRADIENT >The main class for the ESM module
CVD::ESMResultResult class storing some information about the optimization
CVD::GLWindow::EventHandlerAbstract base class for event handlers. Subclass this and override to implement a handler
CVD::EventObjectEncapsulation of a condition variable and its boolean condition
CVD::GLWindow::EventSummaryA summary of multiple events
CVD::Exceptions::VideoFileBuffer::FileOpenUnable to open the file as a video stream, for various reasons
CVD::Exceptions::DVBuffer::GetFrameError in a get_frame() call
CVD::Exceptions::V4L1Buffer::GetFrameError in a get_frame() call
CVD::Exceptions::V4L2Buffer::GetFrameError in a get_frame() call
CVD::Exceptions::V4LBuffer::GetFrameError in a get_frame() call
CVD::GetPixelRowTyped< A, B >
CVD::GetPixelRowTyped< T, T >
CVD::Exceptions::V4LControl::GetValueError querying value
CVD::GLWindowAn object that creates a window and a GL context attached to that window, and manages its events
CVD::Gradient< S, T, 1, 2 >
Camera::HarrisA Camera with zero skew and Harris distortion
CVD::Harris::HarrisScoreCompute the corner score according to Harris
CVD::Homography< PARAMS >Generic implementation for 2D homography-based transformations parameterized by a 3x3 matrix with determinant == 1
CVD::HomographyPrefix< PARAMS >This class provides a generic 2D homography transformation, but also applies a fixed transformation on the input pixel locations
CVD::ILinearA reweighting class representing no reweighting in IRLS
CVD::Image< T >A full image which manages its own data
CVD::image_interpolate< I, P >This is a generic interpolation class which wraps in image and provides a similar interface for floating point pixel positions
CVD::ImageCreationIterator< T >An input iterator which just returns N copies of the same value over and over again
CVD::ImageRefAn (x,y) image co-ordinate
CVD::Exceptions::Image::ImageRefNotInImageInput ImageRef not within image dimensions
CVD::Exceptions::Draw::ImageRefNotInImageInput ImageRef not within image dimensions
CVD::Exceptions::Vision::ImageRefNotInImageInput ImageRef not within image dimensions
CVD::Exceptions::Image::IncompatibleImageSizesInput images have incompatible dimensions
CVD::Exceptions::Convolution::IncompatibleImageSizesInput images have incompatible dimensions
CVD::Exceptions::Draw::IncompatibleImageSizesInput images have incompatible dimensions
CVD::Exceptions::Vision::IncompatibleImageSizesInput images have incompatible dimensions
CVD::Exceptions::TimedDiskBuffer::IncompatibleListLengthsList lengths for name and time lists do not agree
CVD::Exceptions::VideoDisplay::InitialisationErrorAn exception occurred during initialisation
CVD::IRLS< Size, Reweight >Performs iterative reweighted least squares
CVD::IsConvertible< In, Out >Can two types be converted with CVD::convert_image?
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_bggr, byte >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_bggr, Rgb< byte > >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_bggr16, Rgb< unsigned short > >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_bggr16, unsigned short >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_bggr16be, Rgb< unsigned short > >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_bggr16be, unsigned short >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_gbrg, byte >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_gbrg, Rgb< byte > >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_gbrg16, Rgb< unsigned short > >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_gbrg16, unsigned short >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_gbrg16be, Rgb< unsigned short > >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_gbrg16be, unsigned short >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_grbg, byte >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_grbg, Rgb< byte > >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_grbg16, Rgb< unsigned short > >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_grbg16, unsigned short >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_grbg16be, Rgb< unsigned short > >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_grbg16be, unsigned short >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_rggb, byte >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_rggb, Rgb< byte > >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_rggb16, Rgb< unsigned short > >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_rggb16, unsigned short >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_rggb16be, Rgb< unsigned short > >
CVD::IsConvertible< bayer_rggb16be, unsigned short >
CVD::IsConvertible< yuv411, byte >
CVD::IsConvertible< yuv411, Rgb< byte > >
CVD::IsConvertible< yuv422, byte >
CVD::IsConvertible< yuv422, Rgb< byte > >
CVD::La< T >A colour consisting of luminance and alpha components
Camera::LinearA linear camera with zero skew
CVD::LocalVideoBuffer< T >Base class for a VideoBuffer which manages its own memory for each VideoFrame that it provides
CVD::LocalVideoFrame< T >A frame from a LocalVideoBuffer, which manages its own data rather than wrapping data owned by the system
CVD::LockA utility class for locking and unlocking Synchronized objects automatically
CVD::MakeConverter< Out, In, can_convert >
CVD::MakeConverter< Out, In, false >
CVD::MakeConverter< T, T, true >
CVD::makeDeinterlaceBuffer< T, B >
CVD::makeDeinterlaceBuffer< T, 0 >
CVD::makeDiskBuffer2< T, Implemented >
CVD::makeDiskBuffer2< T, false >
CVD::makeJPEGStream< T, Implemented >
CVD::makeJPEGStream< T, false >
CVD::Morphology::Median< byte >Class for performing percentile filtering of bytes
CVD::MessageQueue< C >This class provides a simple, thread safe FIFO message queue
CVD::multiplyBy< T >Functor multiplying pixels with constant value
CVD::Interpolate::NearestNeighbourThis does not interpolate: it uses the nearest neighbour
CVD::Exceptions::V4LBuffer::NoColourspaceDevice was OK, but could not provide the requested colourspace
CVD::NoCopyConveniently block the copy constructor and assignment operator of subclasses
CVD::Exceptions::DiskBuffer2::NoFilesAn empty list of filename strings was passed to the buffer
CVD::O2BufferA video buffer to play live video on an SGI O2
CVD::O2VideoFrameA frame from an O2Buffer
CVD::Exceptions::DeinterlaceBuffer::OddNumberOfLinesThe VideoBuffer that is being wrapped does not have an even number of lines (so the odd and even- fields would not be the same size)
CVD::Exceptions::Convolution::OddSizedKernelRequiredInput images have incompatible dimensions
CVD::OffsetAppearanceSimple appearance model that assumes a constant offset in the intensities of the image vs
CVD::Exceptions::OutOfMemoryOut of memory exception
CVD::Harris::PairInserterUsed to save corner positions and scores from harrislike_corner_detect
CVD::Exceptions::V4LControl::ParameterNotSupportedUnsupported parameter
CVD::Morphology::Percentile< byte >Class for performing percentile filtering of bytes
CVD::PixelByPixelConvertible< In, Out >Can individual pixels of two types be converted with ConvertPixels::convert()? E.g
CVD::PixelByPixelConvertible< InOut, InOut >Identity conversion by memcpy is always supported
CVD::Harris::PosInserterUsed to save corner positions from harrislike_corner_detect
CVD::Exceptions::V4LBuffer::PutFrameError in a put_frame() call
CVD::Exceptions::DVBuffer::PutFrameError in a put_frame() call
CVD::Exceptions::V4L2Buffer::PutFrameError in a put_frame() call
CVD::Exceptions::V4L1Buffer::PutFrameError in a put_frame() call
CVD::Exceptions::V4LControl::QueryParametersError querying device parameters
Camera::QuinticA camera with zero skew and quintic distortion
CVD::Exceptions::DVBuffer::Raw1394SetupError with RAW1394 setup
CVD::DC::RawDCVideoInternal (non type-safe) class used by DVBuffer2 to do the actual interfacing with the Firewire (IEE 1394) video hardware
CVD::DV3::RawDVBuffer3Non-templated libDC1394 interface
CVD::SGI::RawSGIVideoInternal (non type-safe) class used by O2Buffer to do the actual interfacing with the SGI video hardware
CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1Internal (non type-safe) class used by V4L1Buffer classes to access video devices with v4l1 drivers
CVD::RawVideoBufferBase class which provides untyped access to video grabber objects
CVD::VFB::RawVideoFileBufferInternal (non type-safe) class used by VideoFileBuffer This does the real interfacing with the ffmpeg library
CVD::ReadAheadVideoBuffer< T >Decorator video buffer that preloads frames asynchronously in a separate thread
CVD::Rgb< T >A colour consisting of red, green and blue components
CVD::Rgb8A 32-bit colour
CVD::Rgba< T >A colour consisting of red, green, blue and alpha components
CVD::RingBuffer< T >Implements a ringbuffer based on std::vector
CVD::RobustIRobust reweighting (type I) for IRLS
CVD::RobustIIRobust reweighting (type II) for IRLS
CVD::RotationEstimator< APPEARANCE, IMAGE, GRADIENT >Specialization of ESMEstimator for pure camera rotation only
CVD::RunnableThis is an abstract base class for anything with a run() method
CVD::RunnableBatchThis class provides a simple job manager for tasks derived from CVD:Runnable
CVD::Exceptions::GLWindow::RuntimeErrorAn exception occurred during run-time
CVD::Exceptions::VideoDisplay::RuntimeErrorAn exception occurred during run-time
CVD::ServerPushJpegBuffer< C >Play a server push stream as a video stream
CVD::ServerPushJpegFrame< T >
CVD::Exceptions::V4LControl::SetValueError setting value
CVD::Harris::ShiTomasiScoreCompute the score according to Shi-Tomasi
CVD::SimpleTimerProvides a simple timer class which uses cvd_timer internally
Camera::SquareHarrisThis camera class is a very similar to the Harris model
CVD::StaticAppearanceBasic appearance model implementing no change in the image
CVD::SubImage< T >A generic image class to manage a block of arbitrarily padded data as an image
CVD::SubImageIterator< T >
CVD::SumSquaredDifferences< R, D, T >
CVD::SynchronizedA Synchronized object encapsulates a basic mutex
CVD::ThreadEncapsulates a thread of execution
CVD::TimedDiskBuffer< T >Play a series of image files as a video stream and use a list of provided timestamps
CVD::Pixel::traits< bayer_bggr, LIFT >
CVD::Pixel::traits< bayer_bggr16, LIFT >
CVD::Pixel::traits< bayer_bggr16be, LIFT >
CVD::Pixel::traits< bayer_gbrg, LIFT >
CVD::Pixel::traits< bayer_gbrg16, LIFT >
CVD::Pixel::traits< bayer_gbrg16be, LIFT >
CVD::Pixel::traits< bayer_grbg, LIFT >
CVD::Pixel::traits< bayer_grbg16, LIFT >
CVD::Pixel::traits< bayer_grbg16be, LIFT >
CVD::Pixel::traits< bayer_rggb, LIFT >
CVD::Pixel::traits< bayer_rggb16, LIFT >
CVD::Pixel::traits< bayer_rggb16be, LIFT >
CVD::PNM::type_name< bayer_bggr >
CVD::PNM::type_name< bayer_bggr16 >
CVD::PNM::type_name< bayer_bggr16be >
CVD::PNM::type_name< bayer_gbrg >
CVD::PNM::type_name< bayer_gbrg16 >
CVD::PNM::type_name< bayer_gbrg16be >
CVD::PNM::type_name< bayer_grbg >
CVD::PNM::type_name< bayer_grbg16 >
CVD::PNM::type_name< bayer_grbg16be >
CVD::PNM::type_name< bayer_rggb >
CVD::PNM::type_name< bayer_rggb16 >
CVD::PNM::type_name< bayer_rggb16be >
CVD::PNM::type_name< vuy422 >
CVD::PNM::type_name< yuv411 >
CVD::PNM::type_name< yuv420p >
CVD::PNM::type_name< yuv422 >
CVD::V4L1Buffer< T >A video buffer from a v4l1 video device
CVD::V4L1Frame< T >A frame from a V4L1Buffer
CVD::V4L2_Traits< CVD::YC >
CVD::V4L2_Traits< unsigned char >
CVD::V4L2Buffer_BaseA live video buffer from a the framegrabber (using the Video for Linux 2 API)
CVD::V4L2BufferT< T >
CVD::V4L2FrameT< T >A frame from a V4L2Buffer This is an 8-bit greyscale video frame
CVD::V4LBuffer< T >A live video buffer which uses the Video for Linux 2 (V4L2) API
CVD::V4LControlExposes the V4L2 API to set parameters on a capture device
CVD::VideoBuffer< T >Base class for objects which provide a typed video stream
CVD::VideoBufferTypeThe semsntics of the videobuffer. See VideoFrame::type()
CVD::VideoBufferWithData< T, D >Certain video buffers, especially the decorator classes, and buffers such as ServerPushJpegBuffer have additional data with the same lifetime as the buffer
CVD::VideoDisplayA cheap and cheerful GL display window using X and the GLX library
CVD::VideoFileBuffer< T >A video buffer to play frames from a video file
CVD::VideoFileFrame< T >A frame from a VideoFileBuffer
CVD::VideoFrame< T >A frame from a VideoBuffer
CVD::vuy422A datatype to represent the other yuv422 (uyvy) data
CVD::yuv411A datatype to represent yuv411 (uyyvyy) data, typically from firewire cameras
CVD::yuv420pA datatype to represent yuv420p (yy...u...v) data
CVD::yuv422A datatype to represent yuv422 (yuyv) data
CVD::ZeroPixel< T, pod >
CVD::ZeroPixel< T, true >
CVD::ZeroPixels< T, pod >
CVD::ZeroPixels< T, true >