CVD 0.8
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CVD::VideoBufferType Struct Reference

The semsntics of the videobuffer. See VideoFrame::type() More...

#include <videobuffer.h>

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Public Types

enum  Type { NotLive, Live, Flushable }

Detailed Description

The semsntics of the videobuffer. See VideoFrame::type()

Definition at line 31 of file videobuffer.h.

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The buffer does not have live semantics: frames are not throttled by something external.

VideoBuffer::frame_pending() is true until the last frame has been retrieved, after which is is set to false.


The buffer has live semantics: frames are throttled by something externa, but VideoBuffer::frame_pending() always returns true.


The buffer is flushable: it is live and VideoBuffer::frame_pending() returns an accurate result.

Definition at line 33 of file videobuffer.h.

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