CVD 0.8
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CVD::RawVideoBuffer Class Reference

Base class which provides untyped access to video grabber objects. More...

#include <videobuffer.h>

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CVD::DV3::RawDVBuffer3 CVD::V4L::RawV4LBuffer CVD::VideoBuffer< T > CVD::VideoBuffer< C > CVD::VideoBuffer< pixel_T > CVD::VideoBuffer< Rgb8 > CVD::DVBuffer3< pixel_T > CVD::V4LBuffer< T > CVD::DeinterlaceBuffer< T > CVD::DVBuffer2< T > CVD::LocalVideoBuffer< T > CVD::ReadAheadVideoBuffer< T > CVD::V4L1Buffer< T > CVD::V4L2BufferT< T > CVD::V4LBuffer< T > CVD::VideoBufferWithData< T, D > CVD::LocalVideoBuffer< C > CVD::DVBuffer3< pixel_T > CVD::O2Buffer

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Public Member Functions

virtual RawVideoBuffersource_buffer ()
RawVideoBufferroot_buffer ()
virtual ImageRef size ()=0
virtual bool frame_pending ()=0
virtual double frame_rate ()=0
virtual void seek_to (double)
virtual void flush ()=0

Detailed Description

Base class which provides untyped access to video grabber objects.

This provides all of the functionality for which the type does not need to be known (eg size, etc).

This allows one to follow chains of video buffers which change types (for instance code>ColourspaceBuffer<Rgb<byte>, byte>) and get to the underlying video grabber. This provides access to the grabber specific controls.

See progs/ for a very basic example.

Definition at line 58 of file videobuffer.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual RawVideoBuffer* CVD::RawVideoBuffer::source_buffer ( ) [inline, virtual]

Which video grabber provides the source images for this video grabber.

Reimplemented in CVD::ColourspaceBuffer< T, From >, and CVD::VideoBufferWithData< T, D >.

Definition at line 64 of file videobuffer.h.

Referenced by root_buffer().

RawVideoBuffer* CVD::RawVideoBuffer::root_buffer ( ) [inline]

Follow the chain of video grabbers back as far as at will go.

This will usually yield the video grabber dealing with the hardware.

Definition at line 71 of file videobuffer.h.

References source_buffer().

virtual bool CVD::RawVideoBuffer::frame_pending ( ) [pure virtual]
virtual void CVD::RawVideoBuffer::seek_to ( double  ) [inline, virtual]
virtual void CVD::RawVideoBuffer::flush ( ) [pure virtual]

Flush all old frames out of the video buffer, on a flushable buffer, causing the next get_frame() to sleep until a frame arrives.

On a non-flushable buffer, this does nothing.

Implemented in CVD::VideoBuffer< T >, CVD::VideoBufferWithData< T, D >, CVD::VideoBuffer< C >, CVD::VideoBuffer< From >, CVD::VideoBuffer< pixel_T >, and CVD::VideoBuffer< Rgb8 >.

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