CVD 0.8
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CVD::DV3::RawDVBuffer3 Class Reference

Non-templated libDC1394 interface. More...

#include <dvbuffer3.h>

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CVD::RawVideoBuffer CVD::DVBuffer3< pixel_T >

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Public Member Functions

 RawDVBuffer3 (DV3ColourSpace colourspace, int nCamNumber=0, uint64_t cam_guid=-1, int cam_unit=-1, bool verbose=0, bool bus_reset=0, ImageRef irSize=ImageRef(-1,-1), float fFrameRate=-1.0, ImageRef irOffset=ImageRef(-1,-1), int format7_mode=-1)
ImageRef size ()
ImageRef offset ()
double frame_rate ()
DV3ColourFilter colour_filter ()
VideoFrame< byte > * get_frame ()
void put_frame (VideoFrame< byte > *f)
bool frame_pending ()
void set_feature_value (DV3Feature nFeature, unsigned int nValue)
unsigned int get_feature_value (DV3Feature nFeature)
std::pair< unsigned int,
unsigned int > 
get_feature_min_max (DV3Feature nFeature)
void auto_on_off (DV3Feature nFeature, bool bValue)
void power_on_off (DV3Feature nFeature, bool bValue)

Static Public Member Functions

static void stopAllTransmissions (void)

Detailed Description

Non-templated libDC1394 interface.

This is used by DVBuffer3. If you want typed video frames, you should use DVBuffer 3 instead.. The implementation of this class depends on which version of libDC1394 is installed on the system. Format 7 support is only present for libDC1394 V2.

Definition at line 120 of file dvbuffer3.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CVD::DV3::RawDVBuffer3::RawDVBuffer3 ( DV3ColourSpace  colourspace,
int  nCamNumber = 0,
uint64_t  cam_guid = -1,
int  cam_unit = -1,
bool  verbose = 0,
bool  bus_reset = 0,
ImageRef  irSize = ImageRef(-1,-1),
float  fFrameRate = -1.0,
ImageRef  irOffset = ImageRef(-1,-1),
int  format7_mode = -1 

Mode-selecting constructor for all standard modes & Format 7.

First it tries to find a standard mode, then it looks at the Format 7 modes. If an offset is given, standard modes are skipped (they don't allow offsets).

colourspaceEnumerated colourspace requested
nCamNumberWhich camera on the bus to use
irSizeRequested video size; if left at (-1,-1) use biggest available
fFrameRateRequested frame-rate; if negative, use fastest available
irOffsetoffset of video frame in CCD; if left at (-1,-1) use default modes or center window

Member Function Documentation

bool CVD::DV3::RawDVBuffer3::frame_pending ( ) [virtual]

Is there a frame waiting in the buffer? This function does not block.

See is_live and is_flushable.

Implements CVD::RawVideoBuffer.

Reimplemented in CVD::DVBuffer3< pixel_T >.

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