CVD 0.8
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CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1 Class Reference

Internal (non type-safe) class used by V4L1Buffer classes to access video devices with v4l1 drivers. More...

#include <v4l1buffer.h>

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CVD::V4L1Buffer< T >

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Public Member Functions

 RawV4L1 (const std::string &dev, unsigned int mode, const ImageRef &)
const ImageRefget_size () const
void set_size (const ImageRef &size)
void set_palette (unsigned int palette)
void set_brightness (double brightness)
double get_brightness (void)
void set_whiteness (double whiteness)
double get_whiteness (void)
void set_hue (double hue)
double get_hue (void)
void set_contrast (double contrast)
double get_contrast (void)
void set_saturation (double saturation)
double get_saturation (void)
void set_auto_exp (bool on)
bool get_auto_exp (void)
void retrieveSettings ()
void commitSettings ()
void captureFrame (unsigned int buffer)
unsigned char * get_frame ()
void put_frame (unsigned char *)
double frame_rate ()
bool frame_pending ()
int get_handle () const

Detailed Description

Internal (non type-safe) class used by V4L1Buffer classes to access video devices with v4l1 drivers.

Use V4L1Buffer to get the 8-bit greyscale or 24-bit color.

Definition at line 103 of file v4l1buffer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::RawV4L1 ( const std::string &  dev,
unsigned int  mode,
const ImageRef  


devfile name of the device to open
modecolor palette to use (see linux/video.h for possible modes)

Member Function Documentation

const ImageRef& CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::get_size ( ) const

Get the width in pixels of the captured frames.

Referenced by CVD::V4L1Buffer< T >::get_frame(), and CVD::V4L1Buffer< T >::size().

void CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::set_size ( const ImageRef size)

Set the size of the captured frames.

void CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::set_brightness ( double  brightness)

Set the brightness in [0,1] of the captured frames.

double CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::get_brightness ( void  ) [inline]

returns current brightness setting.

Definition at line 121 of file v4l1buffer.h.

void CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::set_whiteness ( double  whiteness)

Set the whiteness in [0,1] of the captured frames.

double CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::get_whiteness ( void  ) [inline]

returns current whiteness setting.

Definition at line 125 of file v4l1buffer.h.

void CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::set_hue ( double  hue)

Set the hue in [0,1] of the captured frames.

double CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::get_hue ( void  ) [inline]

returns current hue setting.

Definition at line 129 of file v4l1buffer.h.

void CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::set_contrast ( double  contrast)

Set the contrast in [0,1] of the captured frames.

double CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::get_contrast ( void  ) [inline]

returns current contrast setting.

Definition at line 133 of file v4l1buffer.h.

void CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::set_saturation ( double  saturation)

Set the saturation in [0,1] of the captured frames.

double CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::get_saturation ( void  ) [inline]

returns current saturation setting.

Definition at line 137 of file v4l1buffer.h.

void CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::retrieveSettings ( )

Get current settings from the camera device.

void CVD::V4L1::RawV4L1::commitSettings ( )

Commit the settings to the camera device.

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