TooN 2.1
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Cholesky.h [code]
determinant.h [code]
gauss_jordan.h [code]
gaussian_elimination.h [code]
generated.h [code]
GR_SVD.h [code]
helpers.h [code]
irls.h [code]
Lapack_Cholesky.h [code]
LU.h [code]
QR.h [code]
QR_Lapack.h [code]
se2.h [code]
se3.h [code]
sim2.h [code]
sim3.h [code]
sl.h [code]
so2.h [code]
so3.h [code]
SVD.h [code]
SymEigen.h [code]
TooN.h [code]
wls.h [code]
doc/cramer.h [code]
doc/documentation.h [code]
functions/derivatives.h [code]
functions/fadbad.h [code]
internal/allocator.hh [code]
internal/comma.hh [code]
internal/config.hh [code]
internal/data.hh [code]
internal/dchecktest.hh [code]
internal/debug.hh [code]
internal/deprecated.hh [code]
internal/diagmatrix.h [code]
internal/introspection.hh [code]
internal/matrix.hh [code]
internal/mbase.hh [code]
internal/objects.h [code]
internal/operators.hh [code]
internal/overfill_error.hh [code]
internal/planar_complex.hh [code]
internal/reference.hh [code]
internal/size_mismatch.hh [code]
internal/slice_error.hh [code]
internal/typeof.hh [code]
internal/vbase.hh [code]
internal/vector.hh [code]
optimization/brent.h [code]
optimization/conjugate_gradient.h [code]
optimization/downhill_simplex.h [code]
optimization/golden_section.h [code]