TooN 2.1
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QR< Rows, Cols, Precision > Class Template Reference

Performs QR decomposition. More...

#include <QR.h>

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Public Member Functions

template<int R, int C, class P , class B >
 QR (const Matrix< R, C, P, B > &m_)
const Matrix< Rows, Cols,
Precision > & 
get_R ()
const Matrix< square_Size,
square_Size, Precision,
ColMajor > & 
get_Q ()

Detailed Description

template<int Rows = Dynamic, int Cols = Rows, typename Precision = double>
class TooN::QR< Rows, Cols, Precision >

Performs QR decomposition.

this will only work if the number of columns is greater than the number of rows!

The QR decomposition operates on a matrix A. In general:

\[ A = QR \]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QR ( const Matrix< R, C, P, B > &  m_)

Construct the QR decomposition of a matrix.

This initialises the class, and performs the decomposition immediately.

mThe matrix to decompose