TooN Algorithm Library - tag  0.2
tag - TooN Algorithm library


tag is a companion library to TooN, a C++ header file collection for numerics computation. It provides a set of algorithms typically found in Computer Vision applications:

- @ref kalmanfiltergroup 
- @ref posegroup
- @ref absorient
- @ref handeye
- @ref essentialgroup
- @ref ransac
- @ref unscented

Moreover it also provides general C++ standard library related helper classes and functions, dealing with:

- @ref stdpp
- @ref printf
- @ref tuple

Why use this library ?

Getting the code and installing

To get the code from use:

git clone git://


On a unix system, ./configure && make install will compile the tag library and install it to the correct place. It creates dynamic and static libraries with the library name toontag.


For Win32 systems, the build directory contains project files for different versions of Visual Studio. Currently the vc2008 solutin is supported and should work out of the box. There are two projects, one for compiling tag and one for installing it into a common directory tree. Both projects assume the existence of three environment variables describing the location of header, library and binary files (for DLLs).

- @c INCLUDEDIR contains the header files. tag headers will be copied into @c \%INCLUDEDIR%\\\tag
- @c LIBDIR contains library files. tag static libraries (debug and release verions) will be copied into @c \%LIBDIR\%
- @c BINDIR is not used for tag, but would be the default directory for DLLs

Visual Studio 2012

By default the compile fails on VS 2012. This is because visual studio does not yet support variadic templates but simulates them with multiply included headers. The maximum depth for templates has been reduced from 10 to 5 in VS 2012.

To correct, you need to set the macro _VARIADIC_MAX to 10.

This is covered in more detail here: