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TooN: Tom's Object-oriented numerics library

Fork me on GitHub TooN is a C++ numerics library which is designed to operate efficiently on large numbers of small matrices, and provides easy access to a number of algorithms including matrix decompositions and optimizations.

TooN is type generic and works well with a variety of numeric types including double, float and automatic differentiation types.

It is designed to integrate very will with the libCVD computer vision library and GVars3 configuration library. Miscellaneous extra algorithms are available in TaG



The use of the latest version, git or a recent snapshot is recommended.


TooN Documentation .
TooN Internals Documentation
Mailing list. This list covers everything (commits, general questions, etc...)
Mailing list archives


TooN is currently licensed under the GPL with the libstdc++ exception.

Use in proprietary programs

You can use TooN in proprietary programs. TooN is under the same license as GCC's C++ standard library and GCC has been used extensively for proprietary programs.

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