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libCVD - computer vision library

libCVD is a very portable and high performance C++ library for computer vision, image, and video processing. The emphasis is on providing simple and efficient image and video handling and high quality implementations of common low-level image processing function. The library is designed in a loosely-coupled manner, so that parts can be used easily in isolation if the whole library is not required. The video grabbing module provides a simple, uniform interface for videos from a variety of sources (live and recorded) and allows easy access to the raw pixel data. Likewise, the image loading/saving module provides simple, uniform interfaces for loading and saving images from bitmaps to 64 bit per channel RGBA images. The image processing routines can be applied easily to images and video, and accelerated versions exist for platforms supporting SSE.


LibCVD is continually chasing a moving target with operating system and library changes on a wide variety of systems, so we are not performing traditional numbered releases. Instead, we release every few months, and name the release number after the date that it was released on. The releases below are stable: they are not simply nightly snapshots.


Also, there is an Atom feed on freshmeat


The use of git, the most recent release or the current snapshot is strongly recommended.


CVD Documentation .
CVD Tutorial .
Mailing list. This list covers everything (commits, general questions, etc...)
Mailing list archives




Note, on unix systems there are no required dependencies, but support for advanced features requires external libraries. Features which come as standard on certain platforms (like dMedia on IRIX and QuickTime on MacOS X are not listed). Several build configurations are provided for Visual Studio. The dependencies are either nothing; TooN; TooN and libjpeg; or TooN, libjpeg, libpng and libTIFF.
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