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This is mainly a collection of postscript doodles. Some may be useful, most probably are not. All of them work under GNU GhostScript and most have been tested on a postscript printer.


If you've ever wanted 11 pages of pure hexagonal fun, this is the place to get it. More hexagons than you could shake a stick at, in fact.
Download: hexpage.ps

Page Area

This is one of my more useful doodles. If you print it, it will print out the top right and bottom left of the current printable area. Ie, if the page has been shrunk (for instance by one of those programs that puts 2 logical pages on one sheet of paper), it will respect that. Its a useful example if you want to make a picture always fit the area it has to print in. Download: show_area.ps

Wobbly, colourful text

This prints out lines of wobbly colourful text in nice long wavy lines. It is simply a doodle done for the hell of it and really serves no purpose whatsoever. I think it looks quite nice, but I've never actually printed it out on a colour printer. Download: wobbletext.ps


This program recursively generates random trees and then draws a flower on the end of each branch. It looks pretty and works on a colour printer (warning: it will print 100 pages of flowers if you let it). Download: tree.ps

GhostScript bug

Angled, coloured, antialiased text does not display correctly in GhostScript. If you switch off antialiasing, the text comes out correctly (if a little ugly). Converting to a PDF and viewing in any viewer (including, rather oddly, GhostScript) also works around the problem.

Updated July 14th 2011, 10:52