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Numerical Disasters in C


Well, the IOCCC shows people how to write high quality C code by using original interpretations of the syntax and grammar rules. Without wanting to insult the entrants, it doesn't give good instruction about writing bad algorithms, since the meaning is often too obscured for people to see what's going on. This, on the other hand is a guide to the world of perverse algorithms. I want people to be able to easily appreciate the beauty and elegance of some of the fastest algorithms out there1.

All programs will be put in an on line reference that is browsable. I'll also include a tarball of the lot for ease of downloading.

What I want to see in a program

Enter Numerical Disasters In C

Currently, numerical disasters in C is in the form of a browsable directory listing.

1: by that, I mean that these algorithms can waste CPU time faster than any other algorithms available.

Updated July 14th 2011, 10:52